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Welcome to NeuroMeditation!


If you are ready to begin or go deeper in your meditation practice with the support of the latest neuroscience, then NeuroMeditation may be perfect for you!

As a certified Neuromeditation Institute teacher and coach, I designed this program to offer personalized coaching to support your goals to rewire your brain for optimal health and well-being through meditation.


NeuroMeditation is great for challenges that many people face such as  worry, anxiety, better sleep, more focus, greater clarity, or many of the other numerous benefits of meditation.

As a recognized expert in wearable technology, I also provide guidance for those interested in enhancing their meditation practice with technology tools such as Muse, Flowtime, NeoRhythm, and Mendi.


Read about meditation wearables in my blog.


In these sessions you will:

- Experience NeuroMeditation

- Gain clarity on what meditation may best support your well-being

- Receive personalized guidance to support your meditation practice

- Be held in a a safe and loving container 

More about the NeuroMeditation

NeuroMeditation incorporates brain science and mental health, customizing meditation instruction to target your needs and goals.

The NeuroMeditation method is unlike any other approach to meditation instruction, and the approach recognizes that you are an individual with unique strengths and areas for growth. The aim is to support you in learning meditation to move towards your personal goals. Whether you hope to enhance your relationships, work performance, and quality of life or improve symptoms of mental health concerns such as trauma, anxiety, depression, or ADHD, NeuroMeditation may be for you..


What meditation style will help you the most?

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