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The universe is singing a song. Earth is singing a song. You are singing a song. Can you hear it?

The ancients and indigenous wisdom keepers knew this which is why ceremonial and ritual practices of song and dance have always been foundational to humanity. 

To explain who I am by a list of accomplishments or certifications misses the beat drumming in my heart.

The themes that run through the rivers of my life are resonance, mystery, song, ceremony, vibration, breath, with an unabiding and ever-deepening love of this planet and all sentient life. 

If I could support you into closer resonance with your own soul's song -- to listen to the sweet melody of the universe humming in your heart and live from that place then I will have fulfilled my mission here on Earth.

I believe:

~ the universe is singing a song through you, and inner peace and joy comes through alignment to our song.

~ we are all indigenous. human evolution is a process of reclaiming our wildness -- our nature within through the love song in our hearts.

~ our bodies are portals for resonating with our Soul Song.
-humanity is undergoing a great awakening, recognizing that we are not separate, and coming into connection and coherence with all life. 

In my heart, I am first a mother, daughter and friend. My twin girls, Mia and Abby are the heartsong of my life.

Then, I am an earth mama. I connect and relate to the trees, rivers, forests, and oceans of our beautiful green marble shining in space. 

The first 30 years of my life, I wanted so deeply to see the earth maintain her wildness so I worked as a geographer and ecologist for the Nature Conservancy and the University of Wyoming. And then I decided that I could be of greatest service to the Earth and humanity by helping people rewild themselves.

I believe that by coming into resonance with our Soul Song --knowing the unceasingly beautiful love song playing in our hearts -- is what will heal ourselves and the planet.

My path now is to wake up and ask, what song of love will I sing for the earth and humanity today?

The work I offer here is entirely in service to that mission--to bring love into the world by singing the song of love in our hearts. One person at a time until we are all together singing the love song of humanity. 

Soul Song Alchemist
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