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Wild for Frequency is a monthly free experiential session to explore the magical healing power of frequency, vibration and sound through conversation and inspiring exercises and sharing. Sign up below to receive the Zoom link to join. 

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Meet Your Host

Holly Copeland

She is a guardian of planet Earth and lover of humanity.

Holly believes that by igniting our inner frequencies of well-being, joy and calm, we create coherence in our field and in the field of the planet.

Holly believes that
when we learn to resonate the frequencies of calm, clarity and joy, we become the solution to the chaos of the world.

By doing so, we nourish our aching hearts that yearn for connection,
 kindness, and love. We ignite fierce love within our hearts for ourselves and for the beautiful home we share called Planet Earth.

This is the essence of the journey she calls the  Way of Inner Rewilding.


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