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ROV Subtle Energy Meditation Course

Map to Your Awakened HeartMind

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Awakened HeartMind Masterclass
Awakened HeartMind Masterclass
Feb 18, 2022, 7:00 PM MST
Online Event

Course Summary

This 10 Week ROV Subtle Energy Meditation Course is far beyond an ordinary meditation course. Based on the book Raising Our Vibration: A Guide to Subtle Energy Meditation by Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair, we teach you the essential meditative skills of mindfulness and interoception. We integrate key components of the ancient wisdom traditions and helps you to tap in and unlock the subtle energy system in the body. When you learn ROV Subtle Energy Meditation you take a deep inner journey that allows you to: 

  • Recover from Stress & Anxiety

  • Cultivate Clear Focus and Concentration

  • Access Deeper Meditative States

  • Release Inner Blocks & Heal Your Body, Heart, & Mind

  • Gain Insight Into "Who You Are" & "Why You're Here"

  • Connect to the Life Force Within & All Around You

  • Discover Your Path of Deeper Meaning, Purpose, & Service

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Course Overview

Module 1: Exploring States of Consciousness

Module 2: Deep Dive into Interoception

Module 3: Deep Dive into Mindfulness

Module 4: Accessing Awareness

Module 5: Activating Relaxation

Module 6: Building Concentration Into Absorption

Module 7: Discovering the Portals to Transcendence

Module 8: Introducing the Love, Light and Peace Meditation

Module 9: Taking Meditation Off the Cushion and into the World

Module 10: Compassionate Action 

Date: 10-Week Course runs weekly on Sundays from March 6, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT (3:00 PM MT).

Contact: For any questions email: 

Cost: $299

Subtle Energy Meditation Course
Subtle Energy Meditation Course
Multiple Dates
Mar 06, 2022, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Online Course

Your Instructors


Stephen Altair

Stephen Altair’s background is varied and eclectic. Stephen co-founded three educational institutions and a health and lifestyle television channel, has published ten books including one top ten best-seller, composed three music albums including a single presented to Nelson Mandela on his inauguration and supports Tibetan refugees educational programs. Stephen has lectured at universities at Bachelor level in Computer Science and Music and at Masters level in Computer Science and given seminars and workshops in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Japan. He has been a guest speaker at Microsoft conventions on the subject of mindful practice and technologies.

Stephen graduated from Auckland and Otago University with degrees in Education and Business and was Certified as a Counsellor with the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of New South Wales in Australia. Stephen is also a trained Vedic astrologer and brings practical insights to the life path energies from a Vedic and Tibetan perspective.

He has been writing and teaching meditation techniques for over 30 years. 

Stephen shares teachings, activations and transmissions from "The Light of Awareness at the Heart" and Light Body Awakening, based on subtle energy meditation and the ancient Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Madhyamaka teachings with deep gratitude to all the lineages and all blessings dedicated to your liberation and to the liberation of all those participating

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