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Practical Mystic Workshop

Practical Mystic Workshop: Welcome

Workshop Summary

The gift of the mystic is to be able to return to primordial awareness and to reclaim the extraordinary capacities we naturally possess (in the womb/heart/brain)—including extrasensory perception; memories of the Earth’s evolution and Akashic Record; memories of past/coemergent lives; connection to multidimensional realms and interplanetary memories; abilities to transcend time and space; genetic shape-shifting abilities with energy to embody the different animal races on Earth; and innate knowing and connection with cosmic wisdom. And most importantly, to retain a deeply felt and embodied umbilical cord connection with Divine Mother, Creator and Creation. To be in ecstatic union with the Divine. Directly experience Divine Love with us. Get in touch with the unobstructed passion and the nectar in your life that is unleashed through transcendent experiences and embodied insights. Be what you have dreamed of, the sacred and eternal flow that happens when you embody the transcendent in life.

Practical Mystic Workshop: About

Workshop Overview

Module 1: Foundational Practices of a Mystic – visiting ancient traditions

Module 2: Visionary experience – cultivating visions

Module 3: Dark Retreat – the portal to the hidden dimensions

Module 4: Extrasensory Practices – telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis

Module 5: Dreaming, Prophecy and the Shamanic Path

Module 6: Death, Dying and the Invisible Worlds

Module 7: Tarot, crystals, astrology, sound alchemy, trance states, shamanic drumming

Module 8: Inner Fire, cleansing, clearing, purification, angels, mystical creatures of light and dark

Module 9: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – body-related practices

Module 10: Love, bliss, relationships and yoga of the light body

Date: 10-Week Course runs weekly on Monday nights from March 15 , 2021 at 7:00 PM MST.

Contact: For any questions email: 

Cost: Regular Price: $288 Reduced Price (Students/Unwaged/Hardship): $148

Practical Mystic Workshop: About Me



The Practical Mystic Course is spectacular. Stephen Altair and Holly Copeland brilliantly merge modern techniques with ancient practices which created 10 modules of self discovery, adventure and dare I say miracles! Each week I dived deeper into the tiny nuances that made me learn something new. It was an unforgettable experience. 


This course is beyond magical. It is empowering, loving and transformational to name a few insights I received during the course. The techniques, guidance and activations had me build even more confidence in our collective power and healing abilities. I can honestly say that I really don't know anything and that's OK because with these teachers and this program I am in safe hands to explore even further with a beginners mind


Occasionally in life you take a programme that has a profound impact on the way you look at your own life and the world around you. I'm so glad that i had the opportunity to do The Practical Mystic course. It was such a warm and engaging experience which was profound, enlightening and quite special. If you're open-minded and keen to develop a deeper awareness of yourself, this is a 'must do' experience

Your Instructors

Practical Mystic Workshop: Services

Stephen Altair

Stephen Altair’s background is varied and eclectic. Stephen co-founded three educational institutions and a health and lifestyle television channel, has published ten books including one top ten best-seller, composed three music albums including a single presented to Nelson Mandela on his inauguration and supports Tibetan refugees educational programs. Stephen has lectured at universities at Bachelor level in Computer Science and Music and at Masters level in Computer Science and given seminars and workshops in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Japan. He has been a guest speaker at Microsoft conventions on the subject of mindful practice and technologies.

Stephen graduated from Auckland and Otago University with degrees in Education and Business and was Certified as a Counsellor with the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of New South Wales in Australia. Stephen is also a trained Vedic astrologer and brings practical insights to the life path energies from a Vedic and Tibetan perspective.

He has been writing and teaching meditation techniques for over 30 years. 

Stephen shares teachings, activations and transmissions from "The Light of Awareness at the Heart" and Light Body Awakening, based on subtle energy meditation and the ancient Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Madhyamaka teachings with deep gratitude to all the lineages and all blessings dedicated to your liberation and to the liberation of all those participating

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