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Awakening the Heart into Wholeness

LIVE 4 Session Masterclass

I invite you to join me to taste the freedom that is possible when you step beyond the world of concepts and discover the essence of your being as whole and step into a life of effortless flow.

Each of us comes into the world with our unique vibrational blueprint, but like an out of tune string on a violin, life’s challenges can create dissonance in our energetic field, the biofield. We experience this dissonance as difficult emotions and disease. This is all great news for healing. Because emotions are frequency, they can be tuned with sound!

"Frequency + Intention = Healing"

-Jonathan Goldman

Awaken-Heal-Breathe unites the three powerful modalities of direct awake awareness practices, vibrational sound healing and transformational breathwork to support your mind and body to shift into wholeness. A life of unshakeable calm, clarity and joy awaits… 

Masterclasses 1 & 3: Awakening the HeartMind with Vibration


We begin with an inner exploration of simple, yet profound and often overlooked aspects of what it means to be human and who we really are.


Through meditation and biofield tuning, you are guided to release the limitations of living through the conceptual mind and awaken to the ground of your being as whole and reclaim your birthright to a life of joy and ease. 

Through a sound healing modality with tuning forks called Biofield Tuning, we journey into the vibrational field of the heart to support your mental, emotional, and physical healing and melt the dissonance in your biofield.

Feel supported and held in a safe and loving space while the tuning forks work their vibrational magic to bring your mind and body into resonance.


Through guided meditation, you will learn to shift out of inner criticism, judgment and shame. We suffer because we feel separate and trapped in a world where we are never enough and something is always missing. This is where the loud inner voice of criticism and fear takes hold and results in a sense of lack where happiness feels fleeting and elusive. 


With ancient practices based on the Tibetan traditions of Mahamudra and Dzogchen and Subtle Energy Meditation, you are invited into a Jedi-like seeing through the limitations of the mind and heart that veils the reality of your loving, limitless being and infinite potential.



Masterclasses 2 & 4: Breathe with Love


The breath is our connection to life itself. Every single moment, life force energy moves within the body through our breath. Mystics through the ages have known the extraordinary power of the breath to heal, and thus breathwork was foundational practice within the healing arts.


Breath of Love process is a powerful inner journey of reprogramming your subconscious and re-wiring your nervous system


In these masterclasses, you will harness the extraordinary power of your own breath and be guided to fully let go of old fears, habitual self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs (even the most sticky ones), so that you can create a life of ease and abundance - just the way YOU desire and deserve.


I connect you to your most empowered and loving self and show you how to access an embodied state of inner peace, clear inner guidance, and an expanded ability to create what you desire without struggle.


I invite you to join me to step into your wholeness and embrace the goodness that is available when your cup is full and you have more than enough for yourself and for the world so in need. 

What is Included:

- 4 Transformational LIVE 90-minute guided sessions

- Access to all class recordings



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